Reservation Management Solutions

The entertainment industry which includes cinemas and theatres depends of proper reservation, and the mean to deliver this to the end customer while taking into consideration the seating arrangements and the occupancy rates of each performance.

This makes the industry dependent on how organized, well prepared and efficient they are. Microsystems SeatMaster industry driven solution helps you achieve these requirements with a simple yet effective way to drive your business. It is also equipped with a powerful back office functionality to meet and exceed your financial needs giving your insight into your profitability facilitating the decision making mechanism.

Key Features

  • User defined theater seating with graphical representation
  • Breakdown theater hall into sections with fixable pricing
  • User defined event scheduling with recurrence
  • Out of service seats management
  • Temporary reservation management per event (For VIP)
  • Booking and reservation management in relation with events
  • Real time alert and blocking of seats for a user defined period to avoid overbooking.
  • Produce “Prodraw” report
  • Producers and distribute royalty management for accounting