Our Portfolio Offering

Microsystems products and services portfolio is a composite of our own products that we built from the ground up in additional to implementation and consultation services for a numerous Microsoft products. This composite offering was created with a customer centric focus to be able to deliver business solutions that fits today’s customer need and acts as a platform for their future growth.

At Microsystems we care about delivering unmatched business value embedded within our products, services and solutions that aids our customers on their business success. As an ISV (independent software vendor) we have a unique ability the mix and match products and services to align our customers with their objectives while keeping them ahead in technology.

Industry Solutions

In recognition of the need to adopt our business solutions to different industries by verticalizing our business applications and services to industries specific needs. Our core platform addresses the horizontal generic functionality of applications while our vertical expertise adds the vertical knowledge and flavor for industries. We have number of verticals that was built to address some industries as below:

* Real Estate & Property Management Solution
* Retail & Point of Sale Management Solution
* Entertainment & Reservation Management Solution
* Service Centers Management Solution
* Car Service Center & Automotive Management Solution
* Hospitality & Hotel Management Solution
* Hospitals and Medical Centers Back office Management Solution

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