Garage & Parking Management Solution

Garage management requires rapid and fast responses to the situations and circumstances in real time while keeping accurate accumulation of the in and out transactions leading to a vast amount of high frequency transactions.

Microsystems EasyPark industry vertical is equipped with the right functionality to manage this kind of high frequency transactions accurately with seamless integration with the accounting needs. This leads to more control over your business with the ability to understand trends and bottlenecks on your operation facilitating a responsive solution to your day-to-day operation.

Key Features

  • Configurable unit of measure, hourly and perminute with allowance time if needed.
  • Fixable rates according to time of day and days of week.
  • Display availability of parking spots at any given time.
  • Tracks and control employee shifts and close the shift
  • Parking membership management.
  • Parking penalty recording and the accounting behind
  • Can integrate with the electronic gates and print optional tickets
  • Reduce traffic by connecting the availability with traffic control
  • Financial and accounting management