Logistics Management Solution

Logistics Management Solution ensures a speedy delivery. The solution provide logistics and supply chain management services, from process optimization to shipment execution and transportation management. Microsystems offers a Web-based software package designed to work with customers' enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Key Features

  • An integrated system for monitoring the operations of loading the goods from different locations to the specific points of access for the benefit of the customer taking into account the types of bills with the follow-up the assets of the job orders and keep a complete record of the data and truck drivers and transport contractors
  • Develop a system to follow the policies of different exchange offices taking into account the linkage operating cycle and allow the preparation of the necessary adjustments to policyholders in terms of the discount and added according to the operating conditions and delivery.
  • Prepare a set of reports on the follow-up operation takes into account the timing of entry and exit rates of flight time and performance within the different sites and locations of where the accounts of the amounts received from the administration and disbursements in the Covenant.
  • Preparing reports on assets and exchange offices, and the amounts disbursed and received in accordance with the policy.
  • Performance Development within the sites and reduce operating costs by using different techniques in printing For example: Preprinted forms and dot matrix printer
  • Follow-up container owned by the company
  • Keep the entire archive of images for operation documents