Hospitality & Hotel Management Solution

Hospitality and hotel management operation that requires fast response, attention to details, accuracy and having their customer at the heart of its actions. This requires a well architected software that was built on the same base as this business. Microsystems GuestPoint is the smart choice for hospitality as it help operational efficiency, increase occupancy and drive revenue. The application has many modules that are architected to give you’re the maximum flexibility while maintaining the proper controls over your operation.

Key Features

  • Improve your occupancy rates
  • Manage your reservations and booking
  • Fixable price packages management in relation with seasons.
  • Increate your customer satisfaction rates.
  • Manage your housekeeping needs and schedules
  • Loyalty awards and points accumulation for frequent guest
  • Convert your data into actionable information through the dashboards
  • Provide your guests with all the services they need while monitored for billing
  • Control your financial and accounting needs
  • Accurately manage your guest service and invoicing