Construction and Contracting Solution

Construction and contracting industry is a demanding business that requires your people to manage multiple projects across multiple sits with multiple customers, also requires a built proof purchasing and inventory cycles, Microsystems Contracting Logix industry vertical addresses these needs through building on top of a very powerful back office processes to address your supple chain and warehousing needs for projects as well as it extends vertically to cover your contracting by integrating your BOQ field inspection sub contractor progress billing form, billing project management and sales into one coherent powerful platform

Key Features

  • Seamless interactions between core construction and contracting management processes, back office processes and workflows
  • Material on-hand management
  • Detailed overhead indirect costs
  • Calculations industry specific calculations
  • Process automation for contract management, field inspection
  • Rapid configuration and implementation for increased efficiency
  • Customizable reports and workflows
  • Centralized data storage