SaaS ERP Restaurant Management System

Whatever Your Business Size, We Are Able To Help!

The nature of the restaurants business is a harsh nature and it's a highly regulated sector. The restaurant is always required to adhere to health and environmental standards, and at the same time it's required to provide services and products of high quality that meet the needs of customers and live up to their expectations! After all that is supposed to achieve adequate profits, with the existence of a fierce competition in the market. It is a difficult equation!
A lot of details and challenges in this sector, all of which requires a close attention of restaurant managers and focus on managing restaurant operations efficiently. With the overlap of technology in all sectors, you, as an owner or manager of a restaurant, really need a "Technology Partner" that you can rely on, and for this reason we have established the restaurant management system "Rock"!
Whether you have a full service restaurant or a fast food restaurant, "Rock" Restaurant Management System is the perfect technology partner to help you manage your restaurant.
"Rock" guarantee you to increase your restaurant revenues and control your costs, as well as you can monitor the details of everything inside your business!

Key Features

  • Manage safety, and quality requirements
  • Manage Costs, Profit Margin Analysis
  • Optimize your production Process
  • Manage and Track order cycles
  • Recipe Management
  • Lot and Batch Traceability.
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Gain flexibility for your calculation methods
  • Setup Multiple Promotion Plans

Powerful Point-of-Sale

Works on any device, with any printer, No specific hardware needed! Easy-to-use and friendly system, anybody can learn it in a few minutes!


Smooth dispatcher system to better manage your delivery guys and deliver orders faster
using location QR that simplify your delivery.

Call Center

All-in-one Call Center System designed to know your customers better and serve them faster.

Manage Cost, Profit analysis

Control your cost and know where the money has been spent and what items generate more profit for you!

Optimize Your Production Process

Complete production system to automate all processes in your main kitchen!

Purchase Management

Complete suppliers system to manage all your suppliers and their accounts!


Subscription based model designed to reduce upfront costs to minimal while you pay only when you grow!

Inventory Control

Control your inventory and get alerts on low stocks! Smooth Stocktaking process, Your inventory will be always accurate. Refill your inventory in seconds!

Reports & Analytics

Deep analytical reports about all details of your business. Sales numbers, most sold items and more!

Manage & Track Order Cycles

Rock manages every order from the moment it is opened until it is paid. Helping to improve the operation of your restaurant.

Financial Statments

Summarizes revenues, costs, and expenses during a specified period.

Information & Data Security

Automatic instant backups for your data. Role-based authorization system that conrols who can access the data and who can perform specific actions on the system.